91.5 KRCC Community Advisory Board

The 91.5 KRCC Community Advisory Board (CAB) meets at least three times per year, with four meetings scheduled. All meeting dates, times and locations will be posted here and broadcast on 91.5 KRCC at least seven days before the meeting. The purpose of a CAB is as an advisory and support role only - no fiduciary or decision-making powers are granted.

Per Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) stipulations, all CAB meetings are open to the public unless proprietary information or personnel issues are scheduled to be discussed. Then all or a portion of a meeting may be closed to discuss those matters but notification will be given. 

  • Colorado College is the holder of 91.5 KRCC's FCC license and as such their Board of Trustee meeting portions directly discussing 91.5 KRCC business matters will be open to the public with the same exceptions as above. The same notice parameters will be given to the public via KRCC FM and krcc.org.

91.5 KRCC 2017 CAB Meetings

Thursday, Jan 26th - Meeting at 720 N Tejon, Colorado Springs. Portions of the meeting will be closed to the public to discuss proprietary programming, fundraising and new building information. All public information will be shared up front and questions/comments will be taken at that time.

Thursday, May 18th

Thursday, Sept 7th

Tuesday, Dec 12th

Meetings will take place at 5:30pm the station at 912 N. Weber St, Colorado Springs 80903 unless otherwise noted.

Community Advisory Board (CAB) Members:
Jane Turnis - ex officio

Brian Best

Jordan Fields - Secretary

John Dick
Allison Towe
Steve Kern
Dr. Rick Idler

Matt Mayberry

Dinny Weber

Cynthia Nimerichter - Committee Member


If you have questions about the CAB, please contact General Manager Tammy Terwelp at 719-473-4801.