About Membership

Individual Membership: The basic individual membership starts at $75.00, although KRCC greatly appreciates any contributions. Donations of $91.50 and above include a variety of premiums such as gift certificates, t-shirts, and CDs. Memberships are valid for one year and may be paid in full or monthly by cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, AMEX or Discover. Become a member today, click here!

EarlyBird Membership: Individuals who contribute during our pre-drive membership campaigns will reap the added benefit of qualifying for the EarlyBird Card. KRCC’s EarlyBird Card is discount card that is valid for six months and provides you with monthly discounts to a number of featured KRCC business underwriters. You will also be eligible for our occasional gift certificate give-aways at the beginning each month. EarlyBird Cards typically become available two months prior to our autumn and spring membership drives. We will announce on-air when the EarlyBird Card’s become available, so be sure to tune in!

Business Membership: Just like individual memberships, your business can be a member of KRCC too! The business membership offers special premiums tailored for business owners. Although your company or business can be a member of KRCC at any level, the $500 business membership provides limited sponsorship spots intended to let KRCC listeners know that your business is an appreciated member of the station.

Membership at the $500 level includes these premiums:

On Air Appreciation

One sponsorship spot (one 15 second spot of on-air copy) per day for 15 days out of 3 consecutive weeks. Start date determined by KRCC and based on scheduling availability, and follow this sample format:

“ By Frank’s Fly Fishing Supply, a KRCC business member, selling fishing gear and bait. Open weekends only, Frank’s Fly Fishing supply is located in Salida on First street and can be reached by calling 719-555-5555.

Six Months Listing on the KRCC Website

Along with our underwriters, your business contact and location information will be listed on the KRCC sponsor page so that our listeners can easily find out more about you.

Six months of Early-Bird offers
For six months you will have the opportunity to entice the KRCC member-shopper with discounts or special offers.

Start dates will begin once membership is paid in full. Business memberships may be paid by cash, check, or credit card. Please direct any questions to Greg Bennett at greg@krcc.org, or by phone at 473-4801 / 800-748-2727.