outdoor recreation http://krcc.org en Parks Master Planning Underway in Colorado Springs http://krcc.org/post/parks-master-planning-underway-colorado-springs <p><br />Approximately every ten years, Colorado Springs undertakes a Master Planning process for the parks system. As KRCC’s Michelle Mercer reports, this time around, the economic downturn and recent natural disasters are affecting the planning process.<br />&nbsp;</p> Tue, 29 Apr 2014 13:30:00 +0000 Michelle Mercer 18362 at http://krcc.org Parks Master Planning Underway in Colorado Springs Hiking the Incline in the Winter: An Audio Postcard http://krcc.org/post/hiking-incline-winter-audio-postcard <p>People come from far and wide to hike the Manitou Incline, especially now that it’s legal.&nbsp; Rain, shine, or even snow, everyone who makes the trek has his or her own motivation.&nbsp; Along with her friend Mariel Dempster, KRCC’s Kate Dunn made the journey during the cold and snowy weather we recently had in the Pikes Peak region, and brought back this audio postcard.<br />&nbsp;</p><p>The Incline daily record holder, Greg Cummings, was known for making the trek 601 times in a year.&nbsp;</p> Tue, 24 Dec 2013 15:33:00 +0000 Kate Dunn 12962 at http://krcc.org Hiking the Incline in the Winter: An Audio Postcard The Shoshone Power Plant: "A Big Dog on the River" http://krcc.org/post/shoshone-power-plant-big-dog-river <p></p><p>A complex series of agreements govern the distribution of water throughout the state.&nbsp; Along the Colorado River, farms, cities &amp; towns, and the recreation industry are all big players.&nbsp; But everyone takes a backseat to a tiny hydroelectric plant that’s over one hundred years old. &nbsp;It’s the <a href="http://www.xcelenergy.com/About_Us/Our_Company/Power_Generation/Shoshone_Generating_Station" target="_blank">Shoshone Generating Station</a>, and it plays a critical role on the Upper Colorado.</p><p><br /><p><br /></p></p> Mon, 09 Dec 2013 14:11:22 +0000 Maeve Conran 12390 at http://krcc.org The Shoshone Power Plant: "A Big Dog on the River" Parks & Wildlife Commissioners Talk Drones http://krcc.org/post/parks-wildlife-commissioners-talk-drones <p></p><p>The Colorado Parks and Wildlife commission talked drones at their meeting last week in Lamar. As KRCC’s Maggie Spencer reports, any potential vote won’t happen until next year.<br />&nbsp;</p><p>The Commission is looking ahead with regards to the use of drones in hunting. Spokesman Randy Hampton says they’ve not seen it in the field yet, but the commission is looking to implement proactive regulation.</p> Tue, 19 Nov 2013 00:25:14 +0000 Maggie Spencer 11579 at http://krcc.org Parks & Wildlife Commissioners Talk Drones Parks & Wildlife to Consider Banning Drones for Hunting http://krcc.org/post/parks-wildlife-consider-banning-drones-hunting <p></p><p>The use of drones to help hunt wildlife may soon be illegal. &nbsp;KRCC’s Eliza Densmore reports.<br />&nbsp;</p><p>The use of unmanned aerial vehicles to help locate and kill game is not regulated,&nbsp;but the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission is expected to take up the issue before the practice becomes popular.</p><p>Director of the Colorado Outfitters Association Dick Ray says he sees the possible move as proactive and that drones take away from the true purpose of hunting.</p> Thu, 14 Nov 2013 15:09:17 +0000 Eliza Densmore 11380 at http://krcc.org Parks & Wildlife to Consider Banning Drones for Hunting New Trail Maps Available from Colorado Parks & Wildlife http://krcc.org/post/new-trail-maps-available-colorado-parks-wildlife <p>Colorado Parks and Wildlife has released 60 new trail maps that now highlight new trail uses and features. KRCC’s Maggie Spencer has more.</p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p><a href="http://parks.state.co.us/Trails/TrailMapLinks/Pages/TrailMapLinks.aspx" target="_blank">The new trail maps</a> integrate more information than the earlier versions and are now online.</p><p>Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Randy Hampton says the maps’ compatibility to GPS make them more helpful to trail users.</p> Wed, 13 Nov 2013 21:53:00 +0000 Maggie Spencer 11350 at http://krcc.org New Trail Maps Available from Colorado Parks & Wildlife