• Morning Edition Host/Reporter

    Abigail grew up in Palmer Lake, Co. She has a bachelor's degree in Mass Communications and Spanish as well as a Master's degree in communications. Previously, she worked for the Dodge City Daily Globe in Dodge City, Kan. and for 89.1 KMUW in...

  • Reporter, Mountain West Collaborative

    Ali Budner is KRCC's reporter for the Mountain West News Bureau, a journalism collaborative that unites six stations across the Mountain West<...

  • Managing Editor/Fill-In Host

    Andrea came to KRCC in 2008 by way of Missouri. She’s responsible for KRCC’s overall news presence, and oversees a cadre of freelancers and students.  Her award-winning work has been heard on NPR, The World (PRI), and the BBC. The Ohio...

  • Office & Membership Assistant; Traffic Coordinator
  • Host

    Join G.T. each Saturday night at 8pm for a seriously fun trip down a musical memory lane. This isn't an old fogey show - this show is for folks who lived through the 50's, 60's and 70's and for those who feel they were born too late. G.T. gives...

  • Programming & News Producer

    Jake Brownell is an award-winning reporter and producer covering the news and culture of Southern Colorado. 

    A native of the Twin Cities, Jake landed in Colorado Springs by way of a philosophy degree at Colorado College. During his time...

  • Vice President for Communications, Colorado College
  • Underwriting Sales Associate
  • Program Manager
  • Finance Coordinator
  • Engineer
  • Membership Manager
  • Underwriting Sales Manager

    With a background in sales, business and publishing, Mary Ellen was delighted to turn her talents to earning revenue for KRCC, the only radio station she listened to. She lives in north Colorado Springs with her husband, two horses, and their...

  • All Things Considered Host & Operations Manager
  • Fill In Host

    My dad was in radio and television, so I grew up hanging around radio and TV stations. Working in construction in the winter in Calgary was less than pleasant, so when a friend of my dad's asked him if I'd like to try out for a radio show, I...

  • General Manager

    Tammy has more than 20 years of public media experience with content creation, production and strategy, systems and operations, a strong knowledge of FCC rules, structure, and significant issues of public broadcasting; strong collaboration and...

  • Music Coordinator, Evening Music Mix Host, Air Check Host