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I’ve been obsessed with the Canadian/Danish duo Rhye this year. Their song “The Fall” on their album Woman is great! 

There’s a Facebook questionnaire circulating, asking participants to check off how many of 100 chosen worldwide destinations they’ve visited. I haven’t taken the quiz and if I did my score would be modest, even though I’ve visited some pretty exotic locales. But I find the older I get it’s not faraway places I long to see; I’m more drawn to places from the past, even if I have to recreate them strictly from stories passed down by family.

Leeds Mallinckrodt-Reese

  Making their way through the Southwest in the reconstituted yellow “cool bus", the guys behind Sweetgrass Productions are premiering their newest ski movie and narrative hybrid film "Valhalla" 

Ski movies are developing in to a more refined genre, and Sweetgrass is on the edge of that new movement, guiding the world of ski movies towards unprecedented aesthetic attention. 

With an impressive range of sponsors and audiences all over the world, Valhalla premiered at CC in September, marking the beginning of ski season excitement while conjuring images of 70's free love. 

Colorado College student Sarah Kelsey worked with Jessica Hunter-Larsen, curator of the IDEA space, and a fellow student, Jeffrey Moore, to curate an exhibit of one-time CC Professor Robert Adams’ photographs documenting the West’s changing landscape. Born in New Jersey in 1937, Adams spent part of his childhood in Denver, only returning to Colorado in 1965.