Colorado Springs' SD11 Approves Sale of Building

Nov 15, 2013

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Colorado Springs’ District-11 School Board approved the sale of Abraham Lincoln Elementary to a local developer in a unanimous vote Wednesday.  KRCC’s Kate Dunn has more.

Lincoln Elementary shut its doors in May after the district decided to consolidate several underused schools.           

School Board Director Al Loma says local developer Bob Elliott’s proposal would re-purpose the school building and turn it into a mixed-use space for businesses, senior living, and eateries.

"Nobody likes closing a community school, they think it can in effect kill a community and our concern was not to let that happen and because of the proposal from Mr. Elliot that he would turn it venture…. To me it will invigorate that community and bring life."

The board voted to sell the school for $1.2 million dollars. Loma says last year’s school consolidation will save the district a projected $2 million annually in operating costs.