EPC Sheriff Maketa Vows to Stay On; Says 'Distractions' will not Hinder Dept. Operations

Jun 10, 2014

Credit Staff Photo / El Paso County

El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa restated his plans to remain in office despite an investigation into alleged wrongdoings.  As KRCC’s Tucker Hampson reports, the comments came during an unrelated press conference on the Black Forest Fire.

Despite statements saying the sheriff would not comment on the allegations, Maketa responded to several questions on how his department will continue to function. When asked how the recent events might complicate addressing issues in the Black Forest Fire After Action Report, Maketa said it had no effect on office operations.

"We have 786 employees in this office," Maketa said. "And every day, every one of them is coming to work and doing their job. The distractions that I’m responsible for have not in any way impacted their duties and responsibilities."

Investigations are ongoing into employee complaints at the sheriffs department and allegations including sexual discrimination, budget mismanagement, and a hostile work environment. The board of county commissioners recently voted to ask for Maketa’s resignation.