Flood Survivor Tells Harrowing Tale

Aug 14, 2013

Laura Hunter describes being in flood waters.
Credit Liz Ruskin

While Manitou Springs authorities celebrated finding one survivor, another Manitou flood victim, 49-year-old Laura Hunter, told reporters Monday at Penrose Hospital she’s thrilled to be alive. KRCC’s Liz Ruskin reports.

Hunter was in her small cottage in the 500 block of Canon Ave. when water started quickly pouring into her living room.

"Real quickly," Hunter said. "I had no time to gather anything. Not my pets or anything. So I went out the front door and I was going  to cross the street to high ground. And as I was doing that I got washed away and (was) under water and flailing."

She got her head above water and saw a tree. She grabbed it and pulled herself out, onto an embankment.  Crawling away, Hunter realized her leg was broken. Later, in the hospital, she learned the cottage she’d lived in for eight years had washed away. Hunter figures her two cats are gone, as well.

"I lost everything and that’s basically it, but I survived and I’m so happy I survived," said Hunter. "And I never really thought about dying, that I was going to die. I just thought ‘OK, how am I going to get out of this?'"

She said she’s thankful someone found her wallet and that a neighbor retrieved her bicycle from the debris. Hunter plans to visit family in California. She’s not sure if she’ll return to Manitou Springs to live.