Top Ten 2014: Delaney Utterback (GM/Digital/Oscillation Propagation)

Dec 19, 2014

Delaney's Top Ten for 2014
Credit Delaney Utterback

1 • Not a '14 release, but new to KRCC.  Grab this EP from Battleships.  You won't regret it.  In fact, here are two tracks:
"Retrospect" & "Your Words" from Battleships  |  Album: To You

2 • Someone must have moved the island.  SubPop just gets better and better.  Without a Face by Luluc

3 • 4AD alums GusGus have moved to Kompakt for their past three albums and we seem to keep missing them.  There's usually panicked discovery of a new release, it's downloaded, a CD is burnt and rushed to Vicky for airplay.  Jeff had a few moments with this song this year.  This track is Airwaves from the release Mexico.

4 •Flyying Colours: somewhere in between my goth/techopop phase in the late 80s and my late 90s postrock adventure, a good one at that, fell my shoegazer phase--a phase I've always felt was too short and one I'm happy hear make a resurgence.  Here's Flyying Colours from Melbourne, Australia (currently touring with Johnny Marr).  Here are Not Today (2014) and Like You Said (2013) .  

Here's one from their 2013 release (my favorite) the Flyying Colours EP.

5 • Accidental find... and perhaps my album of the year.  On the wonderful 4AD, this is SOHN from the release Tremors with Artifice.

I live in a household addicted to the song of the day from the Current, KCRW, and KEXP.  The next tracks are me taking advantage of my partner's generosity.  (Thanks Chris.)

6 • Lost in the Trees - Rites

This video scares the hell out of me for some reason... makes the song even better.

7 • Fairchild - Dancer

Okay... one more.

8 • James Young - Dark Star

9 • Tycho - Awake (Live at KEXP)

10 • Washed Out - 

I know it turns out to be an Urban Outfitters commercial... but this song... it's amazing.

This list goes to ELEVEN!  Ladies and gents, I give you Jungle, all tracks from their self-titled release.

The Heat

Busy Earnin'

And for my Oscillation Propagation fans looking for a recommendation: check out Sonny Fodera's album After Parties & Aeroplanes.

Happy Holidays!  -Delaney