Wildfire in Fremont County Prompts Campground Evacuations; Heavy Smoke in Nearby Communities

Jul 10, 2016

The Hayden Pass Fire burning near Coaldale. This photo was taken from Fremont County Road 40.
Credit Fremont County Sheriff's Department

Monday's post for this incident is here.

A fire in Fremont County, dubbed the Hayden Pass Fire, has reached at least 5000 acres as of early Sunday evening, and officials have called in a Type 2 incident command team. The fire is burning near Highway 50 and County Road 6, also known as Hayden Creek Road.

Current evacuation notices (last updated Mon 7/11/16 12:06 PM): 

CR 6, south of CR 45;
CR 40

Evacuation notices now include the Fox Creek subdivision.  Large animals are being taken in at the Chaffee County Fair Grounds.

The Forest Service originally said US 50 in the Coaldale area was closed; they are now saying it has not been closed.

Previous information: Per the Fremont County Sheriff's Office as of Sunday 7/10/16 at 10:50 PM, those in the Coaldale area near County Road 6 and the Fox Creek subdivision are on a pre-evacuation status (this has been changed to an evac notice as of Monday). Anyone on County Road 6 south of CR 45 is on a mandatory evacuation notice effective Monday morning at 7 AM.  Large animals are being taken in at the Chaffee County Fair Grounds.  Authorities say if anything changes overnight, they'll send out a reverse 911 call.

From the original post, Sunday 7/10/6:30 PM:  The Fremont County Sheriff's Office says there is no imminent danger at this time and the fire is "well up on the mountain," although the Hayden Creek campground on Hayden Creek Road (Fremont CR 6) has been evacuated, as has Cutty's resort.  Authorities have also issued a reverse 911 call to people within a three-mile radius from Hayden Creek Road alerting people to the fire.

The state's multi-mission aircraft has been dispatched to the Hayden Pass Fire. 

Heavy smoke from this fire has also reached other communities, including Colorado Springs. 

The Type 2 incident command team is expected to assume command on Tuesday, July 12 after briefings on the 11th.


Original report said 1000 acres as of late Sunday afternoon.  Updated to reflect 5000 acres as of early Sunday evening.