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New Dimensions Radio & Media

The primary activity of the New Dimensions Foundation is the independent production of broadcast dialogues and other quality programs that explore creative solutions to urgent challenges facing humankind.


The purpose of New Dimensions Radio is to deliver life-affirming, socially and spiritually relevant information, practical knowledge and perennial wisdom through the voices and visions of those who are asking new questions and are looking at the world in positive and inspiring ways. It is through the exchange of ideas and information that we can be empowered and enabled to meet the future with greater energy and clarity.

Nationally Acclaimed Public Radio Since 1973

The most visible project of the Foundation has been the radio program series initiated in September 1973. Nationally recognized and highly acclaimed for its original and innovative programming. New Dimensions World Broadcasting Network has been broadcasting continuously for more than three decades, addressing the cultural shifts and changing landscapes in our society, and helping to bring original ideas into the mainstream culture. New Dimensions programming is broadcast in the U.S. on more than 300 communities over public radio stations and trans-nationally via satellite (including 300 stations in Australia), Reading for Life Radio, and on the worldwide web at More than one billion listeners now have access to New Dimensions’ programming.

The Greatest Minds on the Planet

New Dimensions has interviewed hundreds of the greatest minds on the planet, including such luminaries as mythologist Joseph Campbell; visionary inventor Buckminster Fuller; physicist David Bohm; writer/activist Alice Walker; playwright Peter Brook; Dr. Andrew Weil proponent of complementary medicine, Nobel laureates Linus Pauling, H.H. the Dalai Lama, Adolfo Perez Esquivel, Muhammad Yunus, Wangari Maathai, Betty Williams and Jose Ramos Horta; artist/writer Natalie Goldberg; Pulitzer Prize winners, biologist E.O Wilson and poet/ecologist Gary Snyder; architect/designer/ecologist William McDonough; religious scholar Huston Smith; teacher/philosopher Jean Houston; spiritual philosopher J. Krishnamurti; Nobel laureate, H.H. the Dalai Lama, H.E. Sogyal Rinpoche, poet/author Maya Angelou and many others.

From global issues to space colonies to solar energy; from new economic alternatives to new business paradigms; from childbirth to death and dying; from remote healing to integral medicine; an infinite array of practical and creative choices are presented through the broadcast programming and other New Dimensions’ endeavors. Over the years, a wealth of practical knowledge and perennial wisdom has accumulated in the audio archives of New Dimensions, a virtual treasure trove of timeless wisdom.