Humane Society

HSPPR Pet of the Day: Lorde and Queen Bea

14 hours ago

Hi, we are Lorde and Queen Bea, two single moms who joined together to raise eight of the cutest kittens ever. We all came in together, but the kittens were too young to be adopted. So the whole kit(tens) and caboodle went into one loving, hard-working foster home until the kittens were old enough for adoption! Both of us cared for and nursed all of the kittens, and even better, we are best friends! Our kittens are big enough for adoption themselves now, so we are ready for someone to take care of us for a change!

HSPPR Pet of the Day: Troy

Jun 25, 2015

Hi, hi! I’m Troy, a 1-year-old neutered miniature pinscher mix. Do I seem excited? That’s because I am! I have lots of energy, and I can’t wait to make your life as exciting as mine is. I’m pretty strong for such a little guy, so I would do better with a harness and a little bit of leash training. I love meeting new people and giving kisses, and I’m not picky about who I give them to. So if you are looking for a pint-sized ball of energy who will get you moving every day, come take a peek at me.

HSPPR Pet of the Day: CoCo

Jun 18, 2015

Hi there. I’m CoCo, a very handsome 2-year-old neutered black kitty. I’m definitely the quiet type. Actually, I’m a very sensitive, shy little boy. I respond well to gentle attention, but it will probably take me a few days to warm up to my new home. I might never be the outgoing life of the party that some of my kitty friends are, but if you are looking for a loyal guy who will make you his entire world, I’m your cat. Don’t overlook me! Come adopt me into your household today.

HSPPR Pet of the Day: Reese

Jun 11, 2015

Well, hi! I’m Reese, a 6-year-old Chihuahua mix. I’m so happy to meet you! Actually, I’m pretty happy in general, and I can’t wait to make you as happy as I am. I love sitting in laps and taking walks, and if you sneak me a treat or two once and a while, so much the better. I came in to HSPPR on the Rescue Rover from one of our transfer partners, and now I’m in Colorado Springs hoping to find the best home ever! Could your home be what I am looking for? I’ve travel-sized for your convenience; I would do great in an apartment or a house. Wherever I get to be with you!