solar eclipse

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And it's definitely not 'the same old thing as yesterday'. Today is the day that many folks throughout the Continental U.S. will have an opportunity to witness a once in a lifetime total solar eclipse!

This is an exciting morning, astronomically speaking, in Colorado Springs! If you are listening to the first airing of Looking Up, at 9 am, pay close attention to what will be happening very soon. If you are listening to a rerun, hope you enjoyed the eclipse!

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In this Looking Up Extra Edition, Mike Procell interviews Hal Bidlack in anticipation of the total solar eclipse coming up August 21, 2017. There's also some additional information on events related to the solar eclipse that are happening in the Colorado Springs area that day.

Looking Up: Me And My Shadows...

Aug 14, 2017
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This week on Looking Up Hal has some advice for those observers not in the path of totality of the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21st. In other words, what to expect during a partial solar eclipse.

We are only a week away from that rare and beautiful astronomical wonder, a solar eclipse. If you’ve decided not to drive up to Wyoming or western Nebraska next Monday, let me give you a couple of tips on how to look at the partial eclipse visible in southern Colorado, and what you are going to see.

Looking Up: Slippin' Into Darkness...

Aug 7, 2017

This week on Looking Up Bruce Bookout continues our series of episodes regarding the upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017.

We continue our series preparing for the solar eclipse. Let’s take a look at how older cultures viewed this celestial event.

An eclipse is always a disruption of the established order.  Cultures depend on the sun's movement because of its predictability; It is regular, dependable, tamper proof. And then, all of a sudden. . . the sun vanishes into darkness.  

Looking Up: In Search Of Totality...

Jul 24, 2017

This week on Looking Up Hal advises us on some of the best 'nearby' locations to catch the total solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017.  

Two weeks ago, in the first of several Looking Up episodes dedicated to the upcoming solar eclipse, I talked about how to safely view the partial eclipse here in Southern Colorado. In today’s episode, I want to urge you to get out of town! In other words, drive a few hours to see this stunning celestial event that most people won’t see in an entire lifetime.

Looking Up: Do Try This At Home (But Safety First!)

Jul 10, 2017

This week on Looking Up we get the first of several episodes that will be dedicated to the total solar eclipse coming in August.  

One of the most remarkable things that can happen to the skies over the Untied States will take place next month, and so I want to give you a heads up so you can be ready. On the morning of August 21st, a total solar eclipse will sweep across the country!