Hickenlooper: Colo. Won't Say No To Syrian Refugees, But Verification Must Be 'Stringent'

Gov. John Hickenlooper announced Monday that Colorado would accept Syrian refugees. President Barack Obama said the U.S. would receive at least 10,000 Syrian refugees within the next year, but a growing list of Republican governors pledged to block refugees from relocating to their states."We can protect our security and provide a place where the world's most vulnerable can rebuild their lives," said Hickenlooper in a statement.
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HSPPR Pet of the Day: Misty

Nov 25, 2015

Hi there. I’m Misty, a 6-year-old spayed tortie Siamese mix. Yes, I’m beautiful, but my beauty is much more than skin deep! I enjoy affection and am very friendly, and I would love to while away the hours bathing in the sun of your windowsill. I get a little nervous around very young children; in fact, I spent so much time hiding from the young child in my last home that they brought me here to HSPPR to find a new, more mature home. I have lived with cats and dogs before, but I got along a little better with my doggie friends.

Fostering Fish Recovery in the Colorado River Basin

Nov 24, 2015
Laura Palmisano

Some native fish in the Colorado River and its tributaries are struggling to stay afloat.  Invasive species, dams and water diversions all complicate the recovery of endangered fish in those waterways.  One long-standing program ties together federal and state agencies with regional groups to help these cold-blooded creatures make a comeback.

Drones to Take to the Sky in the San Luis Valley

Nov 24, 2015

Two different drones will take flight over the San Luis Valley following Federal Aviation Administration approval. 

The FAA has approved the launching and testing of two drones in an 8000 square mile airspace near the airport in Alamosa County.

Brian Argrow, professor of aerospace and engineering sciences at The University of Colorado Boulder, was involved in getting FAA approval. "Everyday there's some new application that people are using the drones for and this is all in the interest of tapping into this market," he said.

Deputy Chief J. Petersma / Falcon Fire Department

Crews from several El Paso County area fire departments responded to a grass fire in the eastern part of the county Tuesday afternoon.  The El Paso County Sheriff's Office says its dispatch office sent out nearly 130 reverse 911 calls to nearby residents, and a voluntary evacuation was put in place for residents bound by Shear, Edison, Fossinger, and Yoder Roads.

Blue Woman Group

Nov 23, 2015
Lorenzi / NASA.gov


This week Hal talks about M45 (The Pleiades Cluster, AKA The Seven Sisters).   

The Pleiades is an open star cluster that is one of the most beautiful objects in the night sky. And, every year in the month of November the Pleiades rise around sunset and set around dawn, so they are visible all night long. You can see this bright little cluster of stars, often called the seven sisters, though most people only see six, by looking to the northeast after sunset. It’s the fuzzy patch above and to the right of the bright red star Aldebaran, which in turn is above and to the right of the constellation Orion.

On this episode of The Big Something, author Brett McCracken discusses his book Hipster Chrisitianity, When Church and Cool Collide ; Daniel James Brown shares the incredible story of how a young team of working class American rowers beat the odds--and the Nazis--at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin; Rock Climber Alex Honnold talks about his career climbing some of the most iconic rock walls in the world, with no rope; and we bring you an episode of the show HumaNature from Wyoming Public Radio about a search and rescue mission in the Rocky Mountains.


Bustang is expanding to some weekend service starting Saturday.


A national crowd-sourcing project from the U.S. Geological Survey that began in Colorado is offering map enthusiasts an extra incentive to contribute to the National Map during International Map Year.

The Boys in the Boat celebrates the 1936 U.S. men's Olympic eight-oar rowing team and the nine working class boys who transformed the sport, and galvanized the attention of millions of Americans. The sons of loggers, shipyard workers, and farmers from the American West, the boys took on and defeated successive echelons of privilege and power. Colorado College Professor Steven Hayward spoke with New York Times best-selling author Daniel James Brown about the book in advance of his "Journalist-in-Residence" on Wednesday, November 17, 2015.

Nicole Nicoletta is Manitou Springs' newest mayor after the completion of the official election canvass.

After El Paso County election officials considered military and overseas votes, which were due by November 12, a 10-vote margin still separated Nicole Nicoletta from Coreen Toll.

Ryan Parsell with the clerks office says the race was close, but says it wasn't "close enough to trigger a recount.  Close enough certainly to generate a lot of interest in what the procedure is or would have been if a recount had been necessary."


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