Wildfire Mitigation Grants Available

Jun 24, 2014

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The Colorado Department of Natural Resources is offering $3.9 million in grants to help reduce the risk of wildfire. KRCC’s Tucker Hampson reports. 

This is the third round of funds awarded to groups like non-profits and utilities that strive to reduce the effects of wildfire on communities.

The program is focused on mitigation projects that help protect infrastructure, water supplies, and property, according to Lisa Dale with the Colorado Department of Natural Resources.

"Wildfires are inevitable," said Dale.  "We’re always going have wildfires. What we can do is work to protect our homes and our communities by reducing fuels from near those properties so that fires can occur on lands where they’re most appropriate, which is to say the back- country, and not risk our lives or our properties."

The Wildfire Risk Reduction Program has awarded about $5.9 million in grants since its inception last year. Previous recipients include the Sante Fe Trail Ranch Property Owners Association in Las Animas County, the Colorado Springs Fire Department in El Paso County, and The Coalition for the Upper South Platte in Teller County. The deadline for applications is the second week of August.